last lullaby



i am a mother who has just left her children.
trying to grow wings and escape this pain.


the questions whose answers might set me free
that change in the waning light
teetering precariously,
settling like teardrops hiding my solitude
like a cocoon of wet cotton wool
made fat on childhood dreams


i am fighting for love,
invisible opponents
but i can only implode, mutely weeping;
and still no peace to be had
love lies asunder
echo unanswered in my lonely heart.


it’s either fable or truth…
and that’s based on your perception


this is a “patchwork poem” the lines were borrowed from the following poems:

guts” by jilly poet

silence” by lirone

song of knitting” by christine

gift of youth” by paisley

endless possibilities” by gautami

whats the truth” by scott

untitled” by writerwoman

rain” by lissa



10 thoughts on “last lullaby

  1. You’ve pick the some of the same lines as me. I recognize one of your line from the same poem that I chose for my patchwork poem.

    you’ve done well patching this poem. The lines blend so well together.

  2. So sad! The mother left her children, but from the photo, I have the impression they died, and that she’s grief stricken. A mother’s worst nightmare.

  3. Very powerful and intensely sad – and an impressive achievement to weave 8 very different poems together! It is fascinating how people pick the same lines, but use them in such different ways…

  4. The picture just makes me want to sob. You’ve used the donates lines masterfully, weaving them in so that they really fit. I know it is not easy, yet it make it look like it is.

  5. This patchwork poem is so sad, yet disturbing in all its possibilities. I, too, perceive this as a poem about mother’s loss of children by death, which makes it even more painful to read and absorb. You’ve woven a coherent, albeit sad story here with vivid imagery, Paisley.

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